Sweat your DraftKings PGA lineups with us!

At Cutsweats, we strive to be a one stop shop for sweating your PGA Daily Fantasy Sports lineups. Our aim is to provide timely updates during the course of a week's PGA Tour and European Tour golf tournaments so that you know exactly where you stand vs the competition and what you need to happen in order to win.

See how your lineups stack up.

One of the key factors to success is how many of your lineups get all 6 of their golfers through the cut. Cutsweats analyzes each DraftKings contest to calculate the percentage of lineups with 6/6, 5/6, 4/6 etc. through the cut, and then we'll provide you with a snapshot of how your lineups stack up vs the field.

Join us every Friday afternoon during the golf season to enjoy the greatest sweat that Daily Fantasy Sports has to offer, the Cutsweat!

Cutsweats includes a number of features to keep you informed throughout the course of a tournament.

Contest Detection

You provide us your DraftKings username, we'll automatically find the contests you've entered.

Lineup Aggregation

Aggregated stats show how your drafted players are performing across all your lineups.

Custom Leaderboards

Adjust player scores up and down, then see the projected results, both for you and the field.

Cut Distributions

See where a given contest's lineups fall by numbers of players making the cut.


Cutsweats offers 2 Tiers of Service

Get started today with a free one week trial period.

Tier 1

$15 /mo

Analysis on contests with a max buyin of $15

Tier 2

$30 /mo

Analysis on all contests, no buyin restriction